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Next Event 27.11.2021

Next Event 27.11.2021

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In Munich we are about 50 members working for different companies in and around Munich. Meetings include interesting lectures, workshops, visits to new and interesting meeting locations and much more. Professional development as well as networking within our peer group are our main goals.

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10 May Let’s talk with… Solveig Michelsen Agentur für Arbeitszeugnisse

Let's talk with ... Katja Mönch

On 09 March 2021, we talked in a small exclusive IMA round about the future of live or hybrid events in hotels, about new formats and prospects in Munich with an absolute expert, Katja Mönch, is Director Key Account, Management at Dorint Hotels & Resorts and she is also Business Member of IMA Germany with Dorint. Have a look to these formation:

Interactive Dorint Map

Dorint Corona cancellation regulations


  • Regional Head

    Bettina Haug


The first virtual meeting in our open format "Let's talk about: Goals, Objectives and Dreams for 2021" took place.

Thank you for the informal and open atmosphere and the diverse insights into your projects. From mountain climbing, the self-evident home office day, a job change, the outlook on retirement, setting up automation processes, fixed jour-fixes with the boss, personal development, coaching or even family reunions and very concrete vacation plans - everything was there. But also planning less and having fewer goals, although we found that this is rather difficult for us as structured and organized colleagues. Anyway, I was happy about all the contributions and that we have been such a great round. As promised, I want to share the collected inspirations (thanks also for the subsequent submissions - awesome!) with you:

for Planner/Journal:

My Vision PlannerKlarheit JournalThe New YouGoldenes Buch

for Coaches und IMA Mentors: •Anke Meier-StahlKaren NanningaIMA Mentorinnen

For a Visionboard Workshop • Visionboard-Workshop with Daniela Kreissig. Next Workshop 14.02. • Visionboard - Träume leben & Ziele erreichen ( 149€ Early bird until 06.02.

For financial Planning: •

Special thanks also to our board members, I was very pleased that you took the time and nice that colleagues beyond our regional group also participated, a wonderful chance of virtual meetings. - It was a pleasure.

Have a good time and see you all at the next meeting. See you soon Bettina