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21 March 2018

A very privileged IMA Group in Munich was given the opportunity to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of a very special museum that does not only seek to include urban art into the contemporary art discourse but also exhibits a young form of art. The tour was accompanied by a very charming art historian and the co-founder of the museum Boris Schmidt. We heard many fascinating stories about the architecture and the famous people who keep the performances running and who have influenced this place to be for urban and contemporary art lovers. Most interesting were the anecdotes out of Heracuts everyday life. Starting 23 February till 29 July 2018 Munich is in Faust fever. 500 Events all over town are dedicated to Goethe’s Faust and for MUCA Herakut has designed Faust@MUCA within only 5 days! It is an exhibition full of melancholy and profound humor expressing the feelings of their generation in their art works by walking the thin line between madness and ingenuity. The MUCAexperience for IMA included a 4 course dinner in relaxed street style atmosphere restaurant MURAL, the new urban hotspot in the middle of Munich’s old town.