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2020 Events Overview

2020 Events Overview

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We are about 50 members working for different companies in and around Frankfurt. Meetings include interesting lectures, workshops, visits to new and interesting meeting locations and much more. Professional development as well as networking within our peer group are our main goals.

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18 March Around the world in 80 minutes. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Read more hereand please have a look on on our next event with Robert Sheehan](

Regional Head

Lilian Helbig

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Review report "A-Rosa", April 28, 2019

IMA Germany Lilian Helbig, Regional Head of Frankfurt chapter, organised the visit of an A-Rosa river cruiser on its way from Cologne to Basel. On Sunday, 28th April we visited the ship while stopping in Mainz and were heartly welcomed by hotel manager Michael Frahn. After a delicious lunch we were shown around and some of the group thought about how to be able to get hold of the one vacant cabin. Afterwards Nancy Mehnert, HelmsBriscoe‘s representative, presented interesting information about today‘s and modern meeting culture: very interesting - and partially surprising. HelmsBriscoe, by the way, helped making arrangements for IMA‘s National Training in November. Overall a wonderful networking event with interesting insights and good suggestions for thinking outside the box. Thank you Lilian for organising!

Networking get-together on March 2, 2019

On Saturday afternoon March 2, 2019 a small IMA-groupmet. I had organized a tour of the exhibition BRUNO GIRONCOLI. Prototypen einer neuen Spezies(prototypes of a new species) at the Schirn Kunsthalle, a tour of the reconstructed old town and finally a dinner at the wine tavern in the Römer. In a small, yet very interesting exhibition we saw the Austrian artist’s monumental sculptures made from papier mâchéfeaturing surfaces made from gold, silver and copper which appeared futuristic and strange and stimulated our imagination, evoking different associations in the participants. Afterwardswe took a short tour of the reconstructed old town in Frankfurt, thenew attraction for locals and tourists alike starting at the Alte Markt. I provided some historical facts regarding the significance of the Alte Markt, the former coronation route for kings and emperors during the Middle Ages and the long process until the final planning and implementation of the Dom-Römer-project. In total, 35 new buildingswere erected, among them 15 reconstructions of historic houses in the old town described as creative replicas.The„Haus zur Goldenen Waage“isconsidered the most valuable reconstruction. In the future it will house an annexe of the Historic Museum on the ground floor. On the open ground floor of the NeueRote Hauswhich is grounded on mighty wooden pillars sausages were sold. Historically, the property marked the access to the butchers‘ quarter.At the Hühnermarkt I pointed at the Esslinger Haus (Hinter dem Lämmchen 2) where 6-year-old Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his sister watched the busy market scene from their aunt’s apartment. The Struwwelpeter Museum will move into the house where a plaque commemorates the auntand the house next door (to be opened in summer 2019). At the center of the Hühnermarkt one once again finds the Stoltze-Brunnen featuring a bust of Frankfurt’s famous dialect poet and free spirit Friedrich Stoltze.Fairly cold and hungry we reached the wine tavern in the Römer where we sat in a separate area and after dinner discussed at length modern forms of the office such as mobile working and home office as well as our duties. There was an at times heated and passionate discussion regarding the pros and cons of the various work forms and cultures and we realized that nothingcan be generalized, since everybody has different needs and ideas and a lot depends on the duties.

Lilian Helbig Regionalleitung Frankfurt


2019 Kick-off at Scandic Hotel Frankfurt

On February 13, 2019 21 IMA-members and guests attended the kick-off of the Frankfurt regional chapter at the recently opened Scandic hotel Frankfurt Museumsufer. From the train station the hotel is easy to reach on foot and is located close to many museums and landmarks. Following a reception, the attendees were divided into two groups and shown around the hotel by Mr. Hartwig and Ms. Vorsmann. One of the bigger meeting rooms as well as rooms overlooking the Main river and the Frankfurt skyline were presented. The rooms are characterized by the simple yet elegant and comfortable Scandinavian design that combines functionality and aesthetics very well. The wooden floors and tinted mirrors that were in one line with the TV as well as the small couch with desk were particularly appreciated as were the sustainability concept (biodegradable materials including the coffee capsules and the trash separation in the rooms), the well-stocked mini bar and the Nespresso-machine that is also able to prepare tea. The participants were also allowed to take a look at the fitness area. After the tour the group was served a very delicious buffet in a separate area of the bar. Once everybody had eaten and found someone to talk to, Regional Head Lilian Helbig warmly welcomed everybody and introduced the IMA-members to the guests and interested parties, among them the SORGLOS–hotel agency that does good things and coach Elke Brunner who gave a brief overview of the topic of her one-day workshop on September 14, 2019. After one year as Regional Head in Frankfurt Lilian Helbig thanked everybody for their support, ideas and the kindness she experienced and that really touched her.

Collaboration Platforms: Training of the IMA-Frankfurt regional chapter on August 23, 2018

On August 23, 2018 four IMAs and guests met at the H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe to learn more on collaboration platforms from Dr. Alexander Grube, Personnel Officer and Head of Digitization at the Verband der Chemischen Industrie e. V. (VCI German chemical industry association). Following a brief welcome by Lilian Helbig, head of the IMA regional chafter in Frankfurt, Dr. Grube started his intriguing presentation with a short introduction of the VC and his role there). Named project „VCI 4.0“ the board of the association decreed the implementation of a so-called collaboration platform. The objectives of this project were:

  • Improving the work of the committees within the various VCI-locations, but also with the eight regional associations and the more than 20 industrial associations, the corporate members and associations of other industries such as the VDI or the VDMA;
  • Marked reduction of the e-mail traffic as a first step and the long-term elimination of of e-mails;
  • Replacement of Sharepoint and intranet;
  • Access to all information with just one log-in.

Based on the following criteria and strategically supported by KPMG Tixxt was eventually selected as platform:

  • German provider with data processing centers in Germany;
  • User-friendliness;
  • Mobile App „vci4me“ featuring the most important functions for access from all devices at any time.

The entire implementation process has been and is characterized by multiple trainings and surveys to ensure maximum user acceptance.

Following the theoretical overview Dr. Grube presented the live system. The surface layout is similar to that of Facebook. The users receive information from the various groups they belong to via a feed. Calendars can be created for and tasks can be assigned to the groups. Files and links may be attached and shared outside the network. Members may directly exchange private messages. The integration of OFFICE is planned for 2019. Groups are only established following a board decision. Moderators in cooperation with the legal and compliance departments monitor netiquette and compliance. There is a digital bulletin board where hobbies may be pursued together. Members may also be tagged.

During the presentation and the live-demo an animated discussion between the attendees and Dr. Grube ensued. At the end of a fruitful and informative evening Lilian Helbig thanked Dr. Grube and presented him with some wine.

Summer Networking IMA Frankfurt at Schloss Reinhartshausen on August 17, 2018

On August 17, 16 IMAs and guests made their way to Schloss Reinhartshausen in Eltville to attend the Summer Networking of the Frankfurt regional chapter. They were warmly welcomed with drinks and snacks by Floriane Canton and her team of IMA-business partner Châteauform as well as Florian, the host. Following a brief welcome by Floriane Canton, Lilian Helbig, head of the Frankfurt regional chapter greeted the attendees and introduced them to Nicole Stigler who was elected Chairman of IMA Germany during the general assembly in Hamburg in May 2018. She provided a brief preview of the upcoming events of the regional chapter in Frankfurt on August 23, 2018 and in Wiesbaden on September 8, 2018. She informed the participants that 250 people had already registered for the international IMA Fall Conference in Frankfurt on October 26, 2018, but that some seats were still available. Nicole Stigler added that in November 2018 a national training would take place in Stuttgart and that details would follow shortly. Afterwards the participants toured the Paris-themed facility with its 11 meeting rooms that are equipped with the latest technology and 60 bedrooms. Following the guided tour the participants enjoyed a delicious BBQ-menu on the patio overlooking the beautiful park and ended the evening with good conversation. Martin Umbach won a bottle of wine in a small raffle.

Review report of the tour of the Palmengarten in Frankfurt on June 30, 2018

The sun was shining brightly when 13 IMA- and bsb-members and guests met on June 30, 2018 to tour the Palmengarten in Frankfurt which was founded by Heinrich Siesmeyer 150 years ago. Following a brief welcome, Lilian Helbig, head of IMA’s Frankfurt regional chapter, gave the floor to biologist Petra Jung. At the beginning of the tour that covered only a small part of the 54 acres the park encompasses, Ms. Jung presented the coco-de-mer, at up 55 lbs the largest seed in the world. The fruit of a palm that grows only on two islands of the Seychelles is able to form plant ivory on its inside which, as the participants found out, cannot be distinguished from animal ivory. The next stop was the American sweetgum which is not only responsible for the rich coloring of the Indian summer, but whose gum and fibers were used for dental care by the Native Americans. Ms. Jung illustrates the variety of woods by presenting same-sized pieces of balsa and lignum vitae, the most light-weight and the most heavy-weight types of wood. At the Palmenhaus which is home to a selection of the 2,600 species of palm trees the group learned more about the multitude of palms and the assorted products obtained from the various species. The group went on to the roses which featured a species whose green flowers that only consist of sepals could only be seen at a second glance. The informative and fascinating tour ended with a walk through the vegetation zones subtropical dry evergreen forest, xerophytic forest and semi-desert. Along the way, there was a lively exchange of gardening tips. After the tour the participants enjoyed delicious cake while networking on the patio of Café Siesmayer.

Review Report

Hessischer Rundfunk on June 8, 2018

On June 8, 2018, 11 members and guests of the Frankfurt IMA-regional chapter visited the Hessischer Rundfunk (HR - Hessian state radio and TV). Prior to the tour, Jonas Reinhardt provided information on the HR, one of the biggest organizers of cultural events in the state of Hesse. The approx. 1,800 employees in Frankfurt do not only look after 6 radio stations and a TV-program as well as two or-chestras, but a car workshop, a facility to build stage sets and a cafeteria which is also open to employees from the surrounding companies. With its multitude of vocational trainings the HR is one of the biggest providers of vocational training in Hesse. Within the ARD (network of public TV and radio stations in Germany) the HR produces movies for the popular German crime show series Tatort (crime scene) set in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, movies and - due its proximity to the German Weather Service in Offenbach – the weather forecast. The ARD-administration and the broadcasting center are also located on the HR-premises which comprise 13 soccer fields. IMA Germany chairman Nicole Stigler made her debut as a weather forecaster in front of the blue wall, before the group continued to the TV-studios. Following a live show with cooking segment studio 2 was being converted for another show. In studio 1 five quiz shows are recorded up to six months in advance using varying stage sets. In a separate corner of the studio soccer experts regularly analyze matches. In the studio of HR1-radio host, Doris Renck offered tips for the weekend before Sebastian Korff took over the microphone after news, weather and traffic. There also was a chance to learn about the complex computer-controlled technology behind the broadcast.

Following the tour and a group photo the evening ended with a dinner.