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9.09.2017 – IMA visited the “Landtag NRW” and “INNSIDE Hafen” in Duesseldorf

IMA’s Cologne/Duesseldorf regional chapter enjoyed hours filled with information and networking. Nearly 20 participants met on Saturday, September 9, 2017 in Duesseldorf to attend a guided tour of the Landtag (state assembly) of North Rhine-Westphalia and to get to know the INNSIDE, a hotel of the Melia-Group located at the very scenic port in Duesseldorf. Especially, in light of the upcoming Bundestag (federal) elections, it was very interesting to see where the politicians work and make their decisions. About 800 employees work at the Landtag building with its interesting architecture. It is built based on the round form of the “Plenarsaal” (plenary chamber) where all the long sessions take place and are all open to the public. Most of the work in the background is done by the committees in the about 20 rooms provided specifically for this purpose. Moreover, the building contains a lot of paintings by artists from Duesseldorf as well as the portraits of the former presidents of the state assembly. After a short walk to the INNSIDE Duesseldorf Hafen ****, we were very warmly welcomed at the VIEW Skylounge on the 16th floor with an impressive view across Duesseldorf. The VIEW Skylounge includes a bar and restaurant and can also be used as an event location. Furthermore, we received some facts about this hotel with approx. 160 modern bed rooms and 2 conference places which is perfectly located in the port. A very delicious finger food snack was then served with some sparkling water and Prosecco – networking at its best.

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Thanks to all participants who made this day an interesting and fun day in the framework of IMA

January 10, 2017 - MMC Studios Colgone

Backstage Tour MMC TV - and Filmstudios in Cologne

January 10th, 2017 was a very cold and windy day. Nevertheless, we were motivated and curious to experience the huge and extreme dimensions of European’s largest TV- and Filmstudio area, the MMC studios in Cologne.

Sir Ben Kingsley called it „Europe’s Hollywood“. Superlatives like

157.000 sqm > MMC area

27.000 sqm > Studio area

28.000 sqm > office spaces

12.000 sqm > storage area really impressed us.

Most of all German shows are produced here, in Green Boxes of about 2.600 sqm. MMC provides the highest film studio worldwide, the Coloneum Mall is the largest daylight studio in Europe. Daily soaps, web videos, cine films, motion pictures, fairs, simply all formats you can imagine are produced here. We could not be guided better and more interesting - with numerous inside stories – by the young Sara Bölling from Helikon Events, who could explain so many important details of the production process. She even showed us the inner stage direction rooms and the make-up/hairdressers spaces. Sara were very patient letting us take numerous pics of the group in front of the green wall with various interesting back sceneries and landscapes. In case you are interested in a guided tour please turn to Helikon Events, the only authorized event agency the MMC studios are cooperating with.

Strongly recommended!