Regional Head

  • Carola Simon (acting)

Events in 2018

  • Overview of events in 2018

  • Spring training in Hamburg in May 2018

Review report

November 21, 2017 - Workshop with Karen Nanninga

After quite some time, a regional event took place at the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck in Hamburg on November 21, 2017. Following a brief tour of the hotel, the 11 participants pondered Karen Nanninga’s question: “Relieving the boss’s workload, office management, assistance and so on – Where do we stand?” in an interactive workshop. There, discussions, personal experiences were exchanged and jotted down. At the end of the workshop, the groups presented their results. It was a successful evening. The feedback was positive and despite all the work there was enough time for networking.

Thank you to all the participants. I am looking forward to the next events in Hamburg.

Carola Simon