Young@IMA, is a program to support you, our young colleagues, who are just embarking on their career as office professionals - whether you are still in training or on your first job.

We understand that starting out can be a daunting and sometimes confusing experience and that is where IMA comes in to support you.

With Young@IMA, a person from your age will help you learn the ropes of work life and our network. Young@IMA is there to answer your questions and support you with planning your career as an office professional.

As an international network, we can put you in touch with peers in many countries around the world or perhaps even the company or organization you have always wanted to work for.

Through Young@IMA you can make your voice heard within the network:

  • Is there a topic we should conduct a training on? Tell Young@IMA about it.

  • Do you want to learn a new skill or further develop another one and cannot do so at work? IMA is your training ground to do so. Young@IMA can show you how to become involved in a project group or take over a particular task.

  • Is there a problem at work that is just too tough to handle? Contact Young@IMA for assistance and if you need the support and guidance of a more experienced colleague, our mentoring team is always ready to listen and help.

And because we know that salaries are not always high when you start out, we are offering an annual student membership fee of € 50.00 to everyone 27 years or younger.

Young@IMA - jumpstart your career with us!

  • Get in contact:

    Chairman, IMA GERMANY