How to become a member in Germany

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Professional Member (Personal Membership)

You are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding diploma
or degree or with corresponding working experience in our profession?  Professional membership is granted to persons who have such functions as Management Assistant, Executive Assistant, Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, Office Manager/Supervisor, Senior Administrator/Team Leader or who have similar titles given to Assistants working at management and executive level.

Membership fee is 110 € / p.a.

Please apply here for a personal membership


Business Member (Corporate Membership)

Business Members are corporations, such as business and industrial companies, management and business training colleges, chambers of commerce, international organisations or other professional associations that are supporting companies, selected service providers or service partners for the assistant’s profession and office supplies to make our assistants’s work easier.

Membership fee is 250 € / p.a.

Please apply here for a business membership

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Other Member (Associate Membership)

Other members will be accepted if they attend a business school or secretarial school or college with a maximum of two years' membership. They should be willing to get involved in IMA activities at the guidance of their mentor.
Other members can also be retired people or people who are in job search.

Membership fee is 50 € / p.a.

Please apply here for a personal membership

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Company Member (Group Membership)

National and international companies often employ several management support professionals in relevant job positions who might be interested to take advantage of our unique international network.  
If your company supports these colleagues and you want to join our network with at least 5 management support professionals of your company we offer you special conditions with a discount on the membership fee.

Please contact our National Chair  to learn more about what we can offer you.