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Thursday 27 Jan - Thursday 27 Jan

Cocktailtalk 1: WOL for Assistants

WOL for Assistants – The next big thing! – powered by Lisa-Katherina Schutter
Start into the New Year with the hot topic WOL Working out Loud.
Certified trainer & coach Lisa-Katherina Schutter will introduce this helpful method. (in German language)

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Tuesday 15 Feb - Tuesday 15 Feb

IMA Munich virtual network event: Let's talk about Strengths

This networking evening will focus on the exchange of experiences. Manuela Li Ranzi (systemic coach, trainer, consultant) will provide impulses on the topic of "Strengthening strengths". More than our strengths we see our weaknesses. Especially women, who are able to take themselves back well.
Why is that? What mechanisms cause us to have less confidence in ourselves, and how can we strengthen our self-image in the long term? What are the advantages of focusing on my strengths? (In German Language)

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Thursday 17 Feb - Thursday 17 Feb

International webinar - Abuse of Power – Mental Health for Executive & Personal Assistants

Instructor is Stacey Pinkerton. This webinar is important! It will help you to understand the limits of an assistance work and how to recognize potential situations that could end in an abuse of power from our boss or client. Also, to learn what you can do if you find yourself in a situation of abuse.

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Wednesday 9 Mar - Wednesday 9 Mar

Cocktailtalk 2: "That's what Office 365 can do..."

We welcome trainer and IMA member Enisa Romanic who gives deep insights into the world of Microsoft 365 and the four pillars of virtual collaboration.
Learn more about useful Microsoft Apps.

Join us at the ZOOM Bar and
Talk | Laugh | Discuss | Network.

(In German language)

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Saturday 26 Mar - Saturday 26 Mar

25th International Training Day 2022, INNOVATION

A day of Innovation and Creativity all in Fun and dynamic style as only our two trainers can deliver.

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Tuesday 5 Apr - Tuesday 5 Apr

International webinar - Lyyti training for IMA users

5 April, 18.00-19.30 CEST

In this session, our partner Lyyti will offer you an overview of Lyyti's main functionalities.

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Wednesday 13 Apr - Wednesday 13 Apr

International webinar - Networking session AAP and IMA members

13 April 2022 at 18-18.45 CEST

Our Canadian friends at the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)  are inviting IMA members to a virtual networking session between our two organizations.


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Thursday 21 Apr - Thursday 21 Apr

IMA Frankfurt Get-together and Kick-off-Event 2022


  • Guided hotel tour
  •  Flemings LUX Restaurant
  • Warm welcome of the new members
  • What is planned in 2022?
  • Network and get to know each other   and
  • Having fun!
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Saturday 7 May - Saturday 7 May

Breakfast talk followed by the AGM (online)

Please join our first breakfast talk with our keynote speaker.
Our AGM (annual general meeting) of IMA Germany will directly follow

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Thursday 12 May - Thursday 12 May

IMA Frankfurt - Webinar with Susan J. Moldenhauer

We are happy to welcome financial coach and author Susan J. Moldenhauer for a workshop. First of all, it is about recognizing one's own "I" in the sense of: What are my skills and how can I implement them (abilities, knowledge, soft and hard skills, values)?

After a discussion and spontaneous questions Susan will raffle off a copy of her book “Kenne deinen Wert”. 
(In German Language)

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Saturday 14 May - Sunday 15 May

IMA Hamburg "Understanding yourself and others better with the DISG model"

IMA Hamburg invites you for a fullday training face to face in Hamburg.

Professional trainer, coach and IMA member Marc Schlichtmann will introduce on the basis of the persolog® Personality Factor Model (DISG) the different types of people including their motivations, behavioral dimensions and motives for action as well as strengths and weaknesses
(In German Language)

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Tuesday 17 May - Tuesday 17 May

International webinar - The Power of Event Success Management (+ Get certified!)

17 May, 18-19.15 CEST

Our partner Lyyti will be presenting The Power of Event Success Management (+ Get certified!)

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Wednesday 8 Jun - Wednesday 8 Jun

Webinar - Leaders Unleashed #1

8 June 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET

We are happy to share this awesome 3-part webinar series called "Leaders Unleashed" which will focus on the admin leader. Part 1 registration is now up! AAP's partner has opened registration up to their international partners, so IMA members get to attend!! 

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Monday 20 Jun - Monday 20 Jun

International Webinar - Meet the EC & the Project team for the International Annual Conference!

20 June, 18.00-19.00 CEST

Meet the members of the Executive Committee (EC) and hear about the open positions in the EC (Executive PR Officer and Executive Treasurer). Get an impression of our upcoming International Annual Conference (30 Sep) and learn about the Upcoming Annual General Meeting in Helsinki  (1 Oct)  and why it is important for you as member to attend.

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Thursday 14 Jul - Thursday 14 Jul

Cocktailtalk 3 IMA Germany

Cocktailtalk 3 IMA Germany

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Friday 30 Sep - Friday 30 Sep

48th International Annual Conference 2022

30 September 2022, 9-17.00 EEST - Helsinki, Finland

Connecting with another person is one of the highest forms of social being for humans: we want to be in sync with other people. At the heart of it is good storytelling; it’s how we communicate and connect emotionally with others. Great storytelling transports readers and viewers to new and unexpected places where they can more easily digest unfamiliar concepts and consider different perspectives. We want to hear stories!

Sign up is now open

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Thursday 20 Oct - Thursday 20 Oct

Cocktailtalk 4 IMA Germany

Cocktailtalk 4 IMA Germany

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Saturday 19 Nov - Sunday 20 Nov

National Training Day

Please join our National training Day in Nuremberg!

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Saturday 29 Apr

26th International Training Day 2023 - Storytelling

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cyprus.

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Friday 27 Oct - Friday 27 Oct

49th International Annual Conference 2023 - Company culture Ambassador

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cape Town, South Africa.

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Saturday 9 Mar - Saturday 9 Mar

27th International Training Day 2024 - Company culture Ambassador

More info to come - stay tuned. Venue is Rome, Italy. Dates are preliminary.

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Friday 18 Oct

50th International Annual Conference 2024 - AI/Metaverse

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Stockholm.

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