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The National Committee consists of the National Chair, the National Finance Officer and  the National MarCom Officer and is supported by the Webcoordinator.

They are at your disposal for any questions or information you may require.

Ilona Zillich Public Relations Officer IMA Germany

National PR Officer

Ilona Zillich

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IMA National Group Germany


Job opportunity!!!
This position is currently vacant.
Interested in CMS or want to learn it?

Reach out to PRO Ilona Zillich:


Mentoring becomes more and more popular within IMA Germany and we are glad to have a dedicated team that shares its knowledge.

Find more information here

Ulrike Dierkes Mentor IMA Germany

Ulrike Dirkes


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Angela Parker Mentor IMA Germany

Angela Parker


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IMA Germany e.V.
VR 27926 B (Amtsgericht Charlottenburg),
Registered Office Berlin
Committees Offices: Am Berg 1, 69488 Birkenau
National Committee: Nicole Stigler, Franziska Deutsch, Ilona Zillich
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