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Thursday 18 Nov - Thursday 18 Nov

Cocktailtalk with Paul Pennant (IMA Germany)

Get inspired by Paul Pennants' training on tips and tricks for Microsoft
(in English language)

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Wednesday 24 Nov - Wednesday 24 Nov

Webinar - Introduction to Strategic Planning

This course with Shelagh goes beyond encouraging you to familiarise yourself with your employer’s strategic plan.

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Friday 21 Jan - Friday 21 Jan

IMA Munich virtual network event 'Stärken stärken"

Systemic coach and trainer Manuela Li Ranzi will give us a keynote speech about "Stärken stärken" as feed for discussion.

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Thursday 27 Jan - Thursday 27 Jan

Cocktailtalk 1 IMA Germany

In German
Please get to know the method "WOL-Working out loud"! Our trainer Lisa-Katherina Schutter will introduce a method for collegial consultation.

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Wednesday 9 Mar - Wednesday 9 Mar

Cocktailtalk 2 IMA Germany

In German
Learn more about useful Microsoft Office Apps. Our trainer Enisa Romanic will introduce useful apps to increase your effectivity!

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Saturday 26 Mar - Saturday 26 Mar

25th International Training Day 2022, INNOVATION

A day of Innovation and Creativity all in Fun and dynamic style as only our two trainers can deliver.

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Saturday 7 May - Saturday 7 May

Breakfast talk followed by the AGM (online)

Please join our first breakfast talk with our keynote speaker.
Our AGM (annual general meeting) of IMA Germany will directly follow

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Thursday 14 Jul - Thursday 14 Jul

Cocktailtalk 3 IMA Germany

Cocktailtalk 3 IMA Germany

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Thursday 20 Oct - Thursday 20 Oct

Cocktailtalk 4 IMA Germany

Cocktailtalk 4 IMA Germany

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Saturday 19 Nov - Sunday 20 Nov

National Training Day

Please join our National training Day in Nuremberg!

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Saturday 29 Apr

26th International Training Day 2023

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cyprus.

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Friday 27 Oct - Friday 27 Oct

49th International Annual Conference 2023

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cape Town, South Africa.

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Thursday 28 Mar - Friday 29 Mar

27th International Training Day 2024

More info to come - stay tuned. Venue is Rome, Italy. Dates are preliminary.

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Constant Training and Development is crucial for every professional career.

It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in our rapidly changing business lives.

We offer international training to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environments.