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We are delighted to have such highly committed members at IMA Germany. Two of them offer a regular podcast that deals with issues of digitalization and the "new work". 

The podcast by Diana Brandl is sometimes in English and sometimes in German. The newly named podcast by Annette Rompel is in German. So there should be something for everyone. 

The links to all episodes and a short overview of the contents of the respective podcasts can be found here.

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„The Future Assistant“

 We are pleased that our long-time IMA member, former Board Member and Regional Head Diana Brandl allows us to link to her podcast on the subject of "Future Assistant". 

Diana Brandl has around 20 years of professional experience as an executive assistant at well-known international companies. She was able to experience firsthand the increasing change in our professional profile in recent years. 

Nowadays she trains and coaches assistants for the "new world of work" in order to prepare them for upcoming changes such as increasing digitization, the integration of artificial intelligence and various change in working methods. 

 She is a book author and LinkedIn Learning instructor. In 2020, she started The Future Assistant Podcast in order to pass on her own findings around the profession in her regular episodes with various experts.  

 What does the future hold for our job profile? How can we best prepare for it? 

Tune in to the podcast and get to know Diana and her guests from all over the world including former Executive Assistants and Chief of Staff Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Jamie Oliver, Princess Diana, Oprah and many more. 

 For questions and suggestions, you can reach Diana at podcast@the-socialista-projects.com.

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by and with Annette Rompel, chief editor "working@office",
Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG

The popular German podcast better me by Annette Rompel has been renamed to dreikommadrei. Read the reasoning behind this here.

Trailer to the new podcast

There are three million companies in Germany - all of them are undergoing digital transformation - and that's a good thing!
In our practical podcast, we take you into the world of New Work and digitalization.

Learn how to transform your personal sphere into the realm of New Work and how to make yourself, your team and your company a bit more digital and future-proof. Included in every episode are New Work Heroes, Best Practices and important trends for better and more fulfilling work!

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