The Future Assistant

We are pleased that our long-time IMA member Diana Brandl allows us to link to her podcast on the subject of "Future Assistant".

Diana Brandl has around 20 years of professional experience as an executive assistant at well-known international companies. She was able to experience firsthand the increasing change in our professional profile in recent years.

Nowadays she trains and coaches assistants for the "new world of work" in order to prepare them as well as possible for upcoming changes such as increasing digitization, the integration of artificial intelligence and various changes in working methods.

As a book author, she has dealt with the topic in detail in recent years. Thus, the time was ripe to pass on her own findings in her regular podcast and discuss individual aspects of the working world 4.0 with various experts.

What does the future hold for our job profile? How can we best prepare for it?

Make yourself a picture and just listen to it….

For questions and suggestions, you can reach Diana at