Training and Development

Constant training and development are crucial for every professional career. It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in a continuously changing business life. At regular intervals we offer training sessions in all IMA Germany‘s chapters. In addition, we offer two National Training Days, one in spring, the other in autumn. These are mostly full day trainings including a dinner for networking purposes. Internationally we offer two top events per year on the topic of the year: a spring training in April and an international Conference in October.

International annual topics

On international level we define topics for each year. After the topic ‘Change’ in 2015 and ‘Self Development’ in 2016, we tackled ‘Business Ethics’ in 2017. 2018 was the year of „Digitization“ and its impact on the assistant’s role. For 2019 we came to the conclusion that „The future is now“ and what we need to deepen is what differs us from artificial intelligence: that is emotional intelligence, Emotinal Intelligence is described as the ability to realise own emotions and being able to reckognize other people's emotions, and to act appropriately (theory by Peter Salovey and John Mayer). In addition Emotional Intelligence also includes a wider array of competencies and skills as defined by Daniel Coleman as self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, motivation.


We strive to present in our international, national and regional trainings high-skilled trainers from Germany and internatinally. Some of them are found among the IMA-members - we present them here: [section under construction, please come back later for more information]